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Rally London to Tbilisi 2011

Depart 3rd September 2011. 5AM at Big Ben, London.


Arrive: 24th September 2011. Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Route:    London -> EU -> Turkey -> Georgia -> Azerbaijan -> [Ferry] -> Turkmenistan -> Uzbekistan

                 Uzbekistan -> [Plane] -> London.


Were capping this rally at 20 participants, and the deadline for applications is 22nd July.


The ‘London2 Motorbike Rallies were an annual sporting event founded by Levan Vasadze and Paddy Clanwilliam. The concept has run every year since 2007, travelling from Big Ben in London to Tbilisi in Georgia, and then on to a different location each year. This year the event was rebranded ‘The Big Ben Rally in honour of its specific starting point at an iconic landmark of London.


The Rallies have two simple objectives:


  • To raise money for charities that will benefit children in the countries visited;
  • To provide riders the rare opportunity to ‘open the mind, free the spirit, test ones nerves and experience adventure and camaraderie amongst fellow participants


The total rally distances are around 7500km, and take approximately 20 days, much of it on uncharted or non-existent roads. The rally is not a race but a “team ride” and the participants ride without the assistance of a backup team.


Overnight accommodation depends on where the days ride ends… it could just as easily be a comfy bed in a European city hotel or a sleeping bag and tent in field in the middle of nowhere.



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